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Make a movie with all of the equipment necessary with Movie in a Box. Roger Roth, director, writer, and producer offers a unique experience for collaboration where all of the equipment needed to create a film or tv show is already in a box truck and ready for travel. Looking to act in a movie or tv show? Visit our “Act Today” page for information on how you can get your head start in your acting career with a decorated Hollywood director and producer. What makes Movie in a Box different? Movie in a Box is development, production, editing, and distribution all in one place. When you make a movie with Movie in a Box, the movie can be distributed through the Internet Movie Box Office platform and seen by tons of viewers. Please keep in mind that all scheduling is based on the availability of Roger Roth and other appropriate parties. All scheduling requests must be reviewed prior to payment being accepted.

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Writers, Producers, Directors:


Create a Series/TV Show

Create and collaborate on a tv show with Roger Roth and he can supply the movie equipment, insurance, and everything needed to create a stellar production.

Create a Short Film

We celebrate all movies and love short films. Collaborate with Roger Roth on your next short film. We bring the equipment, you bring your idea and the talent. Let’s make a short film!

Create A Movie

Create and collaborate on a full length movie production with Roger Roth and we will bring all of the movie equipment to you.

For Actors:


Join Character TV

Green light your acting career by becoming a part of Character TV, a unique project created by Roger Roth for actors to create and develop a character and storyline with you that either Roger films or you can film yourself wherever you are using any camera while being directed by Roger Roth. This is a Roger Roth invention and exciting experimental project for actors and will be featured on the Internet Movie Box Office. 

Act in the upcoming smile series

Greenlight your acting career by placing a bet on just your smile. We film you smiling for an exciting upcoming production. Send in your smile to for a chance to be in the Smile Series production. *For all smile videos, please film them in landscape view.

Act In Lifeumentary

Act in an episode of Lifeumentary and have Roger Roth create you a character to play. Lifeumentary is a comedy short series that has been filmed for 15 years. It is available to watch at

Movies and TV Shows

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Make a movie with Roger Roth and his production equipment setup today. Our unique artistic collaboration experience yields jaw dropping films and tv shows. We celebrate movies of all lengths, genres, and storylines! We would love to work with you to create the short film or full length movie that is in your vision. Are you looking to create a series? We can plan out time to shoot seasons and collaborate on getting your production made. If you are looking to distribute your production on a platform, we can list our completed project on Internet Movie Box Office to get your production seen.

Movies and TV Shows

Actors Wanted

If you’re an actor and looking to green light your acting career, working with Roger Roth will give you everything you need. Roger currently has several projects he is looking to hire out actors for, and more are constantly on the way. Visit our “act in a movie” page to begin your booking process to act in a movie or series and work with Hollywood director Roger Roth. Learn everything from character development to comedy and get your films seen. Movie in a Box is partnered with Internet Movie Box Office, so any movies or series made on Movie in a Box are sure to be seen by a huge audience with our built in distribution.


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