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We have all of the tools needed to create a full budget movie or tv show with high quality production equipment. We bring our production equipment ready for collaboration and creation. Partner with one of the great minds of Hollywood and have everything you need to create in one package.

It’s simple: we bring the movie to you. We bring the movie equipment, and we make a movie. At Movie in a Box, we celebrate movies of all lengths, genres, and storylines. Whether the film you want to create is 2 seconds or 2 hours, we will celebrate and collaborate with you on film creation. Are you looking to create a series? We can schedule out the time to make your dream movie production a reality.

Wondering who a couple of Movie in a Box previous clients are?  Lawrence Sher, (cinematographer of The Joker) and The Hangover, Amazon, FX’s Dave. To check out some of Roger Roth’s work, visit, or Ready to make a movie with Roger Roth? Fill out the form below and begin the process of making your movie.

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An established brand in Hollywood, CA

You’ve probably seen the famous Movie in a Box truck in Hollywood around production studios. You’ve probably walked right by it, unless you’re not walking by the Marvel or Warner Bros set. Roger Roth and the Movie in a Box equipment truck have been apart of the production of several large budget feature films, tv shows, and short films. 

Past clients of Roger Roth and Movie in a Box include:

Lawrence Sher, cinematographer (The Joker and The Hangover)

 Amazon Studios, first ever Amazon feature film (The Nevsky Prospect)

Collaboration with Movie in a Box is a one of a kind experience and along with high quality production equipment and everything you need to make the movie of your dreams, you get the chance to collaborate with Roger Roth. Along with our box truck of top tier movie equipment, Movie In A Box comes to you anywhere in the United States with both our truck and a full sized RV set trailer with lounge area, bathroom, electricity, and air conditioning.

Movie in a Box gives you everything you need. Roger Roth brings the truck and RV to you and you make a movie. Are you ready to make a movie? Fill out the form below to begin the process of making your movie with Roger Roth.

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Making a movie with Roger Roth is an unforgettable experience.

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